Business Consultancy

XiaoYu Limited offers comprehensive E-Business Consultancy including:

  • Planning for e-commerce: What to consider when setting up e-commerce systems in your business
  • Create an online shop: The key issues to consider when creating an online shop
  • Search engine optimisation: Learn how to use search engine optimisation to improve your website's ranking on search engine results pages
  • Pay per click advertising: How to use pay per click so that users will click through to your website when they seek your products online
  • Accepting online payments: How online payments work and how to set up a payment facility
  • Fulfilling customer orders: The main issues to consider when delivering products to online customers once a purchase has been made
  • Develop an e-marketing plan: What are the key components of an e-marketing plan and what benefits can such a plan deliver to your business
  • Generate business from your e-marketing plan: Develop your e-marketing plan to improve existing customer relationships, attract new customers and boost sales
  • Web 2.0: a guide for business: How you can make the most of the changing internet to benefit your business
  • Online networking: How to use online networking to develop your business
  • Securing your e-commerce systems: What the security threats to your IT systems might be and advice on how to tackle them
  • Managing risk in e-commerce: Understand what risk management is and why it is important in an e-commerce environment
  • Best practice in web design:The main design considerations to take into account in order to build effective websites
  • Get the right website for your business: This interactive tool will help you discover whether a website will help your business
  • Maintaining your web content and technology: Understand the importance of keeping your website up to date, accurate and fresh
  • Website hosting options: The website hosting options available to you and how to select the right one