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Business Consultancy

When starting an Internet business, why?

  • your online business runs on a total different track as your physical business
  • so many sites look great, but don't sell - looking bad to search engines
  • visitors look at one or two pages and then leave - looking bad to visitors
  • visitors stay for a while but still don't buy anything.
  • a site cannot be found in the top positions of the major search engines
  • there is not enough traffic to generate sales.

When consulting professionals, what? 

  • Get a general plan that don't fit your business
  • Tell you what, when, why, how much and do it for you - without letting you know how
  • Always in a bigger scale, so that dearer cost

When XiaoYu Limited helps you, YES!

  • Analysis your online business based on academic researches and your practical operations
  • Make a plan according your marketing strategy, be precise, work in steps
  • Control unexpected expenses and time delays, and pay in stages .
  • Train your staff in your office, let you take the tasks over. Hold the reins, it is your business.